How to build a mega-star’s dream home in a mere 3 months

The next big star in the film industry is finally here, and the new movie is about to get a whole lot bigger than the previous one.

The Big Sky Resort in Montana will be the home of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, and is scheduled to open on December 15.

That’s two days after the film’s premiere, which will be a prime time for those looking to build the biggest mega-sport resort in the world.

The location of the resort is a little odd: The property is situated on a huge, empty plateau on the far side of the Colorado River, but the real estate is so large that it is difficult to tell exactly how big the structure is.

The terrain of the site is flat and flat-ish, with the surrounding hillsides a bit steep.

A small mountain rises above the horizon, but is otherwise flat, with a lot of grass and a few rocks.

And the building itself?

That’s what makes the property so unique: It is a three-story concrete structure that looks almost identical to the structures used in the real-world resorts that have been built in Montana over the years.

“We have a concept that a lot more people are interested in than we anticipated,” said Chris Hoch, president of the Big Sky Resorts.

“The real estate market is in flux, and there’s not enough real estate in the country.

The only way to attract new people is to build something new.”

The structure is called The Bigsky, and it is part of a larger property in the state that is also the home to the Glacier National Park.

“Our main focus is to create an outdoor experience for visitors to enjoy, but also a resort for people to stay at,” Hoch said.

“There’s also a lot going on in the community, so it is a perfect fit for the park and the people who live in that area.”

The property, which is owned by Big Sky, is scheduled for a construction completion in the fall of 2019.

It is the biggest in the nation, with an average size of 1,200 acres and a capacity of roughly 2,000 people.

“It’s not just a mega resort,” Hocke said.

The property has been under construction since 2006, and has taken a lot longer to build than the rest of the country, which could be due in part to the location of Big Sky’s property, but it has also taken longer than the state of Montana, which has a population of about 11 million.

Hoch and his team have been building the building on the site since it was completed in the late 1990s.

They had hoped to open the structure in late 2018 or early 2019, but with a couple of years left on the project, they’re now confident that it will open by 2019.

“I’m just really proud of the work that has gone into this project,” Hich said.

He said that the site has been used to build hotels, apartments, and condominiums.

“As a company, we want to build projects that will last a lifetime, and I think this is one of those projects that we’ve built in the past 10 years.”

Hoch noted that the resort will be built in a style that is more modern than the ones that have gone before.

The resort will have a pool, indoor-outdoor tennis courts, indoor swimming pool, and a large outdoor pool, as well as an expansive clubhouse.

The exterior of the property features an exterior courtyard, and on top of that, the exterior of what is known as the Bigsky is a lush green and grassy area, which Hoch calls the “big garden.”

Hachs wife, Sarah, is also a huge Skyfall fan, and said that she is very excited to be a part of the project.

“When you walk in the front door, you’re going to feel like you’re in a place you’ve never been before,” Hach said.

Sarah Hoch with James Bond actor Sam Mendes and their son, Chris.

They were able to get the building completed in just three months.

“Everything was done in under two months,” she said.

And while she said that some of the design elements were not entirely the same as those used in real-life, they were pretty close.

The most significant differences are the design of the exterior, which takes a more modern approach.

The first thing you notice is that there are no tall, domed buildings on the exterior.

Instead, the structure has an almost naturalistic, leafy feel.

The layout is almost the same, but you will see a lot less of the grass that was used to create the interior of the structure.

In the real world, the grass on the BigSky has been removed.

Hach also noted that it took a lot harder to build this structure than other hotels that have had the same type of theme park style, and that the layout and overall feel is something that really