New resort will be a seascapes resort

Resorts in Australia’s north will be offering guests the option of a “seascape” resort on seascaping beach.

The resort, which will be called Seascape Surf, will be the first in the country to offer a full-service beach resort.

It will also offer a unique dining experience, which includes a traditional beach bar.

“We’re going to have a full restaurant, but we’ll also have a bar and a lounge,” said owner, Tony Smith.

The beach resort will include a sauna, bar and pool, as well as outdoor dining and a saunas and hot tub.

Guests will also have access to a gymnasium and fitness centre.

The restaurant will also include a full bar, full of beers and wine, and a wine bar with an all-inclusive wine menu.

“It’s not just a place to sit and relax,” said Smith.

“I think we’re going through a really exciting time for seascaped beach tourism, and I think we’ve got a really great opportunity to do it well.”

The restaurant is being built on a beach near the coast and will have a total of seven restaurants, with the resort offering a range of menu options.

Smith says it’s “absolutely” going to be the largest resort in Australia and he hopes to attract a large number of guests.

“With a lot of the resorts around here we can get a little bit behind that, but this is definitely a huge opportunity,” he said.

“If we can keep people coming in, then we’ve done a good job.”

The first resort will open to guests in the spring, but Smith says he wants to keep it open until the end of 2018.

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So it’s a long road ahead, but I think the road is pretty clear.”

More stories from Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and WA.

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