The ‘toughest man on the planet’ will have to deal with ‘tough’ mountain lion

A mountain lion that broke into a South Florida resort was given a stern lesson from a mountain lion expert, who said that a mountain should be able to fend off the “tougher man on a rock.”

In a YouTube video, local wildlife photographer Brian Smith said that the animal had been spotted at the Pahokee Resort, and he took a picture of the animal in the park.

Smith, who has been documenting mountain lions in South Florida for years, said that after the animal breached the gates to the resort, he heard someone screaming.

He said that when he looked back in the picture, the animal was gone.

He said he immediately called 911, who were able to find the animal and rescue it.

The animal was rescued from the resort by a wildlife officer, and it was taken to a veterinarian who is currently in the hospital.

Smith said that he wanted to share the video with the public because the animal has been known to break into hotels and other structures and then hide in hotel bathrooms, causing problems for tourists and staff alike.

Smith told Fox 13 in a video that the mountain lion will have a tough time in the mountains and is a great example of how to deal a situation like this.