How to get around the Disney parks with a bike and a car

There are plenty of places to get in and out of the parks, but where do you get your bike and car on a regular basis?

We put together a list of popular spots and a map of where to find them. 

What to do in the parks on a bike or car What you need to know about: When to arrive at the parks and where to park: The park entrance to Disneyland park is at the entrance to the Anaheim International Airport (AIA). 

The parking lot is at Disneyland Resort (DMX). 

At Disney’s California Adventure park, you can park on a number of streets. 

You can park at any of the park’s hotels and restaurants. 

The main entrance is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

From Disneyland, you have access to the park from the Anaheim Convention Center. 

There are also numerous parking lots at Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is located on the West Coast of the United States and is the biggest park in the Walt Disney World Resort.

There are three main parks and four smaller parks located in the park. 

At Disneyland park, there are three attractions: Cinderella Castle, Fantasyland, and the Haunted Mansion. 

In the main park, guests can go up to the castle to take a ride in the magical Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

To take a car trip, you’ll have to get on a motorcycle or a motorbike and go up the main drag of Fantasyland (or other attractions). 

There is also the Cinderella Castle Roadtrip, which starts from the Cinderella castle. 

Other popular attractions include: Star Wars: Epcot, Disneyland Paris, Epcot California Adventure, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Animal Planet. 

Here’s a list that will help you navigate through the park, so you can find the best options to take your own vehicle or car on the trip. 

Where to park in a car park:     Disneyland park Disneyland Park – Anaheim International airport (AIG) The Anaheim airport is one of the main attractions at Disneyland.

You can park in any of its hotels and the park is open daily. 

If you need a car, you may want to go to the parking lot of the AIG, and then park in one of their lot. 

For example, the parking lots near the Disneyland park entrance are usually full. 

Once inside the parking area, take the street, or take the main street, and park your vehicle in one spot. 

When you’re done, you should be able to find the parking spot in your vehicle, or you can just turn around and walk the rest of the way. 

How to park on the road: Disneyworld Park has two roadways that are available. 

Both of them can be accessed by car. 

One road is a one-way street. 

Parking on this road can take some time and is best reserved for one-day guests. 

Two other roads are a two-lane road and a two lane highway. 

These two road routes are reserved for those guests that want to get to the parks from a different location. 

Take the street that is closest to your vehicle or pick a two block radius from the entrance. 

Make sure you park on one of these two road lanes when you park.

This is a good practice for any vehicle that is parked in a park.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park Magic Kingdom Park opened in 2007. 

This park is located at Disney Springs. 

Its main attraction is the Fantasyland rides. 

Another attraction at Disney World park is Epcot. 

Epcot is located in Disney Springs, Florida. 

It is the home of the Epcot Express, which allows guests to travel between Walt Disney Parks around the world. 

While Disney’s Fantasyland park has been open since 2002, it has only been open to guests since 2007.

 Disney has recently started opening Epcot’s doors to the public. 

Visit the Epotts official site for more information. 

Touring Magic Kingdom The Magic Kingdom is a large theme park.

It is located near Orlando, Florida, and is one the largest theme parks in the world (outside of Tokyo Disneyland). 

In addition to the Magic Kingdom, there is also Epcot and Fantasyland. 

During a tour, you will pass through the theme parks on your way to and from the parks. 

Each Disney Park is also known as Epcot Village. 

A tour of each of the theme park is $15 per person. 

Magic is available at Epcot throughout the year. 

Most guests arrive at Epoce. 

As you arrive at a different Disney Park, you might find a Magic Ticket. 

They are a valid way to pay for rides, food, and other Disney products. 

Check the website of your destination to confirm