More than $2 million of the proceeds from the $7.5 billion deal to renovate Wyndham hotels, resort and resorts in Wyoming will go to the families of slain U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

WYNNE, Idaho (AP) Wyoming Gov.

Matt Mead has announced $2.5 million in cash transfers to families of those killed in the U.K. Army’s raid on a suspected Taliban base in 2010.

Mead says the money will go directly to the family of Bergdahls parents, who are still living.

The cash transfers will also go to help with the costs of medical expenses of the families.

The families of Bergtahls two brothers and a sister, who died in the raid, are also receiving money.

They were killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

More than $4 million in money from the Bergdalts will go toward paying for the costs related to Bergdals brother’s medical care, including for the family’s burial.