When Disney’s Disneyland lands next in 2018, here’s what to expect

Las Vegas, NV – The theme parks in Las Vegas and San Francisco have been busy lately, with the opening of the Disneyland Resort, the opening and closing of Universal Studios Hollywood and the refurbishment of The Hollywood sign.

While these attractions are still only in the planning stages, Disney has been quietly working on the first of what it will call the “New York” of Disneyland.

As for the first new attraction since Disney bought Disneyland in 2015, that’s not quite what you might expect.

Instead, there’s a more subtle change, a bit more than a year in the making.

While there is no official announcement for the park, this new concept, called the “The Disney Village,” has been a key element in the plans of the company for a while.

In recent years, the company has been working on this concept for years, even when the parks weren’t fully up and running.

It was originally named the “Disneyland Village,” but the name change was made in 2018 to better align with the Disney brand.

Now, the park will be called The Disney Village, with “village” referring to the buildings and “villages” referring specifically to the Disneyland buildings.

It’s a subtle but important change that will help create a sense of continuity between the various Disneyland parks, and will be a welcome one for guests who have not been familiar with the parks before.

For the most part, however, the concept will be limited to the Disney buildings, with a few notable exceptions.

One of the biggest changes to the park is that the new “villagers” will be able to live out their dreams at the park.

Instead of living in a room with a bunch of random guests in the dining room, these characters will be living in the parks apartment.

The apartments are set up in the same way as the rooms in the park houses.

Guests will be given a list of all the apartments they want to live in, and then the villagers can pick the apartment that best suits them.

The villager can select the apartment they want, and if they want a different one, they can get a villager to live that apartment for them.

If the villager does not like the apartment, they will be allowed to move on, but they will still be able select a new apartment for themselves.

There will also be an opportunity to choose a specific character for a specific apartment, and the villages residents will be asked to provide the characters with their personal details, as well as their social media profile and a photo.

There are also plans to have multiple villager apartments in each park.

It’s not clear what those apartments will look like, but it’s possible that you’ll have a different apartment for each of the village members.

There’s also a chance that each villager will be accompanied by a friend, though this is not yet confirmed.

On top of that, the Villager apartments will have their own “living area” where guests can live and socialize with one another, and that area will be different than the living area of the park itself.

The idea is that you will feel more like you are actually living in each apartment, rather than living on the floor of the resort.

That last part, of course, is something that is a major departure from the original Disneyland.

The original Disneyland had a similar living area, but that didn’t fit the Disney style.

The Villagers living area will also fit the theme park-style living area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which was first introduced in 2018.

A villager’s social life will also change from the park to the Villages.

Villagers will now have a choice of two different types of social spaces.

First, there will be three different types: social lounges.

These will include lounging in the pool and in the restaurant.

There are also social louks for the guests who live in the apartment.

These are usually reserved for guests in rooms that are adjacent to the villa.

They can be accessed from the dining hall and dining room.

Then there will also come the social apartments.

These apartments will be communal, and they will also have their separate living area and dining area.

The living area is typically a large open space, with one or more communal tables, a television and a TV set.

The dining area is a smaller open space that is connected to the living room by a dining room table.

The diners in these apartments can choose to use a couch or a chair, and guests in them will also get a TV and a set of speakers.

Each villager is also able to choose their own wardrobe.

Each villager has a wardrobe of clothes to choose from, and all of the clothes are customizable for the individual villager.

Guests can also choose the color of the clothing they want.

These changes, of sorts, to the “villager” wardrobe will not be permanent.