What you need to know about the world’s most expensive ski resort

The world’s tallest ski resort in Europe, Aldora, opened in May 2017 and was the highest-grossing resort in the world by revenue last year.

At $3.6 billion, the resort is the second-most expensive ski destination in the US, behind only the ski resort at Snowbird.

Its average nightly hotel room cost $1,050 per night, the highest in the region.

The Aldora resort, which is owned by Aldor, a major European hotel and resort operator, is a new concept, which opened last year in an area around the old ski resort of the same name, where the hotel is located.

The company says that it is the first of its kind in Europe.

Its high-tech, air-conditioned facilities include an outdoor ski hill and two lifts for the ski hill, with a total of five lifts.

It also has a bar that serves food and beverage for guests and a fully equipped gym.

The resort has been named one of the world top-20 most expensive hotels by TripAdvisor, and it has become one of its top destinations by TripCompare, a travel site.

It’s also the top-ranked resort in New York state by Trip Advisor.

It was not the first time that the ski destination has opened in a new location, as the ski area at the old resort of Snowbird opened in 2003.

However, Aldor says that its new location has taken the resort a step further, with the resort’s design being based on the idea of the ski village, rather than the ski hills.

The new Aldora is set to open in 2018.

It says that the new ski resort has the advantage of providing a much more modern experience than Snowbird’s ski resort.

It has new technology and is more connected to the world of technology, which means that the resort can work more closely with other companies and services.

The development is also helping to drive the company’s growth.

According to Aldora’s press release, the new resort will feature an all-sky design and an integrated concourse with more than 200 seats, a water park and an outdoor dining area.

The company has also said that it will have a fully connected indoor and outdoor experience that will include a fully functioning, outdoor shopping mall.

The site will also feature the first ever high-speed internet connection in Europe and an underground parking garage.

The resort’s main building will feature a three-story indoor ski lift, which will lift guests up to 10 stories and can lift up to 500 people at a time.

There will also be three lifts for guests that will lift up as high as 25 stories, with an overall capacity of over 100 guests.

The lift area will feature two lifts, one for skiers and one for riders, with lifts for riders up to 12 stories.

The roof of the lift will have two lifts.

A separate elevator will be built to accommodate wheelchairs.

The new Aldor ski resort is set for completion in 2018, and the company says it plans to have a ski area for guests in 2018 and an indoor ski resort for ski operators in 2020.