Belize: Snowy weather could be dangerous for visitors to Utah ski resorts

The Belize National Park and the Utah Ski Area in the U.S. state of Utah have been hit by snow in recent days.

According to the Associated Press, the resorts of Utah’s Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City are experiencing heavy snowfall and snow-climbing in parts of the country.

The resorts are located in the south central part of the U, in a region known as the “Canyon Country,” according to the AP.

The snowfall has been particularly hard on the resorts in the northern part of Utah.

A heavy snow fall was recorded in the region on Sunday, December 16, according to

The Associated Press also reported that the resorts are “recovering quickly” from the snowfall, and are “likely” to reopen in time for the holidays.

Snow could be a concern for visitors on the Utah resorts if it continues into early next week.

In the coming days, snowfall could make it difficult for snowboarders and snowshoers to access some of the resorts, which are only accessible by car.

The National Weather Service in Utah has warned that the snow could be hazardous to vehicles and snowmobilers who use snowmobiles.

The storm is also expected to lead to a few tornadoes and tornadoes are possible in the vicinity.

If you are in Utah and want to stay in the snow, the National Weather Services have created a website for people to register and check on snow conditions.

Snowfall will continue through December 24 and into early January.