Top 5 Things to Know About The Royal Diamond Jubilee 2018

The Royal Jubilee is on the horizon and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Whether you’re celebrating the Diamond Jubilees anniversary or just planning to be a part of the celebration, here are the top 5 things to know.1.

The Crown Estate will be the new home of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilations in 2019The Crown Estate in London is the new Home of the British Diamond Jubilant in 2019.

In a move that is both unexpected and brilliant, the Royal Jubilee will move to London from her Buckingham Palace home, Buckingham Palace.2.

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations will be held in the heart of the city, not just on the Royal LawnThe Royal Lawn at Buckingham Palace is a prime location for the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

In 2019, the Jubilee festivities will be celebrated in the Royal Gardens at Westminster Abbey.3.

The crown is coming home to a new homeThe Royal Garden at Westminster will be home to the Crown Estate and will be able to host all sorts of events for the celebrations.

The new Queen’s Garden will also house the new Royal Jubilant Centre, which will be a hub for events.4.

The Jubilee celebration will be in a new location, not only in London but across the countryThe Royal Jubilances Jubilee in 2019 will be at the Royal Garden in Westminster.

The event will take place in 2018.5.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be presentAt Buckingham Palace in 2019, Kate will be attending the Diamond jubilee with the Duke and duchess of Cambridge.

The Duchess will also be present, as will Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Harry and Prince Harry’s wife Camilla.