Which of the top 20 resorts in the world is the best for breakers?

We decided to do some digging to find out which of the world’s top 20 most popular breakers resorts is the one for you.

For a better idea of how well the resorts perform in our test, you can check out our breakers list from last year.

In this article, we’ll compare the best 10 resorts from around the world.

We’ll also go over our favourite features for each of the 10 resorts.1.

La Paz, Bolivia2.

The Bahamas3.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida4.

Cancun, Mexico5.

Oahu, Hawaii6.

Punta Arenas, Chile7.

San Francisco, California8.

Durban, South Africa9.

Blackpool, UK10.

La Serena, Costa Rica