Eden resort’s ‘free’ parking scheme is now free

Eden Resort’s ‘Free Parking’ scheme is coming to an end and it has now been announced that the popular tourist attraction will soon be free to use, with the new policy being introduced for the entire resort.

The Edens Free Parking Scheme will now be free for all guests to park and the resort is currently hosting an open house to introduce the policy.

The free parking scheme will also now be available to all guests.

It is unclear when the new ‘Freepark’ policy will be rolled out across the entire Edens resort, but it is expected to be rolled in the coming weeks.

The resort has also revealed that it will be providing ‘free and unlimited’ access to the Edens’ indoor swimming pool, as well as a new outdoor fitness centre.

The plan is to open the outdoor fitness facility in the spring of 2019.

The new policy comes after the resort recently revealed that its ‘FreePark’ plan would now be limited to guests of the Eden’s resort.

Earlier this year, Eden confirmed that its free parking policy was going to end after the year.

The Freepark scheme was introduced in December 2018 with a view to ‘increasing the overall level of enjoyment and security for visitors’ at the resort.

It was said to be in the early stages of implementation and was meant to be used on the majority of guests, but many have been disappointed with the results.

Edens Freepark will no longer be free, and guests will be required to pay for the free access.

The policy was criticised by some as a poor value for money for a resort that has been criticised for its poor visitor numbers.

However, a spokesperson for Edens said that the resort would be ‘working on a replacement’ for the Freepark, which will be implemented in the following months.