This Guy Gets Fired After Telling His Employer He’s a Gay Man


— A Toronto man has been fired after telling his employer he is gay and asking for a job in the resort town of Windsor.

Lane K. Suter, 31, of Windsor, Ont., posted a photo of himself and a friend on his Facebook page, the Windsor Star reported.

He told his employer that he was “frightened” when he learned he was gay and wanted to work in Windsor.

Suter told his boss he was a transgender man.

He said he had been transitioning since last June and was unsure of his legal status.

The Windsor Star wrote that Windsor police found out and investigated.

Sutor said in his post that he is in denial and has not received a call from the Windsor Police Department in more than a year.

The Windsor Star reports that Windsor Mayor Ron Villepre said the city will not retaliate against the employee.

Windsor police are not investigating the matter.

The city has not yet released any information about what actions are being taken against Suter.

Sutter did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.