Which beach is best for surfers?

BORO, Brazil — In the summer months, the water is warm, and there’s a steady flow of visitors.

The oceanfront resort city of Boro is one of the most popular beaches in Brazil, and its waters are a perfect backdrop for swimming.

It’s also the country’s biggest tourist attraction.

The city’s beachside is home to many of the countrys top surfers.

They call it Bora Bora, which means “Boredom Beach.”

The city has more than 6,000 visitors a day, and is home the biggest surf club in Brazil.

Its beaches are known for being the home of surfers who often go on trips to the Caribbean and other countries.

The surfers here are mostly Brazilian.

Some come from other countries, and some are from South America.

There are many different types of surf: flat waves, wave-shaped waves, giant wave-like waves, and deep waves.

It all depends on the wave, according to the city’s head of beach management, and the waves have their own rules.

The wave that the beach is known for is called the “southern” wave, which is more popular in the tropical areas, according the city of Rio de Janeiro, which has a large population of surf fans.

There is also a “french” wave.

These are very large waves that are usually found at the coast of Rio, with the wave breaking up into many smaller waves, or “sisters,” that are found all around the city.

These waves are popular in all the different beaches in Rio, but the citys southern wave is the most famous.

The waves are also the most crowded, as they are the only ones that are not crowded.


A BORORO surfer from Rio, Rio de Maio, who is known as “Bora Bori” for his “Boro surfing” and for having “a strong and strong body,” told me that the most important thing in surfing is being close to the water.

He said that the best surfing in Brazil is done at Boro, but he prefers surfing at other beaches in the city, which he calls “santará.”

The most popular beach is the one called the beach of a saint, or a place where the ocean meets the earth, he said.

This is because it is the spot where the saints are baptised and where they pray to God.

The beach is also the spot of a temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which can be seen from many different angles, he added.

He also said that his favorite surfing spot is the beach where the river runs through the city and is called “Mara”.

When I asked if there is a “saint’s beach” in Boro that is not known for surfing, he told me, “Yes, there is.

You can go there if you want to.”

BOROA BEST SURFRIGHTERS TOP TOP: The beach of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Photo: Rodrigo Gómez /AFP /Getty Images