C-3PO and R2-D2 from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie: Disney’s Star Wars film will be set in the universe of Marvel’s Guardians of the Marvel Universe

C- 3PO and his loyal droid R2D2 make their way to their next destination in “Star Wars: Guardians of The Galaxy.”

(Disney/Pixar) Guardians ofTheGalaxyThe first trailer for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” opens with a group of C–3P0 and R-2-0, who have been sent to a mysterious world.

The first shot shows them boarding a spacecraft and getting some familiar C-4A-8 weapons, before they’re introduced to a large room full of weapons.

“You’re in space.

We’re here,” says R2.

“This is our home.”

The trio then takes a look around, before looking at a huge holographic display that appears to show an area of space.

“I can’t see what we’re in,” says C-1P0.

“We have to find it.”

The Guardians ofthe Galaxy go to the mysterious planet of Eos, where they are attacked by an evil alien named Ultron, and they have to fight their way through a variety of monsters and robots to find the Guardians of Eo, a group who are trying to protect the universe.

The trailer then cuts to another shot of the Guardians, who are now on their way back to the Eo spaceship, where a holographic screen shows them heading toward a massive room filled with weapons.

They’re then joined by the mysterious R2, who warns them that they may have to face Ultron again.

“It’s going to take us to a lot of places, but the thing is, we have to go there and defeat the enemy,” he says.

“A lot of things have happened since we were last there.

So, we’re going to need your help.”

The scene cuts to a shot of R2 and C-2P0, with the Guardians being chased by the gigantic robotic enemy.

“The good thing about being in space is you’re always free to do whatever you want, no matter how many weapons you have,” says the robot.

“So, you’re free to go wherever you want to go, and the only limit is your own imagination.

You’ll have to learn to deal with it.”

“Guarders of the galaxy” hits theaters on March 25.