Hotel and ski resort in central Australia closed due to weather

KALAHARI, Queensland — Hotel and resort in southern Queensland closed due, in part, to severe weather.

The Queensland Government said the resort and ski area was shut on Monday because of severe weather in the northern and central regions of the state.

The closure comes as Queenslanders prepare for the coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to hit Australia in early 2021.

Queensland Health Minister Mark Bailey said the closure would help protect the health and safety of the community and help the public prepare for an unprecedented pandemic.

The resort and resort are located about 20 kilometres south of Kincardine in central Queensland.

The National Weather Service said severe weather had developed in the area, with a wind gust of 40 kilometres per hour.

It was expected to change directions on Tuesday.

“This is a severe weather event and we are going to take some time to assess the situation,” Mr Bailey said.

“We are also looking to assess whether we have to close down the area.”

The conditions are challenging, so we are keeping an eye on that.

“The Sunshine Coast resort was closed last week due to heavy rainfall, which resulted in an overcast weather front and a significant increase in cloud cover.

A spokesman for the resort said it was open on Tuesday, and the ski area had reopened.

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