How to book the perfect holiday weekend at the Winter Wonderland Resort

Winter Wonderland has teamed up with WDW to offer a full weekend at their resort, which will take you on an exciting and magical adventure through the Winter Garden, featuring breathtaking scenery and incredible restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

You’ll be able to visit the resort from Friday through Sunday at 4pm on Friday and 5pm on Sunday.

You will also be able experience the iconic Winter Wonderland Theme Park, which features a new Winter Wonderland-themed ride called “Winter Wonderland”, featuring a snow-themed and animated attraction and a spectacular view of the Garden.

If you’re visiting this weekend in the UK, there are no entry requirements and you’ll be given priority in the queue.

There are no admission fees and you can book in advance online.

The resort is located in WDW’s Winter Garden theme park, which has been open since 2018 and is now offering an extended holiday season.

For a full rundown of the resort and its events, check out this guide from WDW.

It will be the first of several new holiday experiences coming to WDW over the next few months.

For the latest information on WDW and Winter Wonderland, check our Winter Wonderland News page.

The Winter Wonderland resort has been part of WDW since 2014 and opened its doors in 2019.

There is a full guide to the resort, including its attractions, on this page.