Which is better: Bali or Bali resort?

The answer is: Bani, Bali.

It’s the name of a resort built in 1912 by the Indonesian military as a barracks for its elite.

In a stunning, and quite controversial, turn, Bani has been renamed Bali as part of an effort to boost tourism and the local economy.

It has been one of the country’s most popular destinations and has become a symbol of Indonesia’s commitment to its military past.

But the name has also been used to ridicule the resort and the military.

The resort, known as Bani Beach, has been the scene of many protests over its construction, and in recent years, protests have erupted against it.

In 2015, the Indonesian government passed a law that made Bani the only resort that could not be renamed or named after a deceased commander.

The resort’s owners had appealed to the courts to block the change in its name, saying that the name would offend the Indonesian people.

The case is still pending, but last month, a court in the capital Jakarta struck down the law, saying it violated the constitution and human rights.

The ruling was upheld by the Jakarta High Court.

The resort’s founder, Tan Sri Mohamed Nasirul Islam, was killed in 1965.

He built it on the beach near Bali’s popular Bali Beach and its surrounding islands.

Bani Beach is the countrys second-largest resort, after Bali National Beach, and it is located on the top of the island of Bali in the Gulf of Sumatra.

A series of protests have been taking place on the resort since 2014, when the government passed the controversial Military Religious Code, which prohibits the name change.

The law made Bali the only town in the country to not be named after the deceased commander, who was a Christian.

Bani was built on the same land as the military base, which the military uses to conduct operations and train its soldiers.

According to local residents, there have been numerous protests and protests against the resort in recent months.

“It is our country’s first resort and it was built by a military,” said resident Sowen, who requested to be identified only by his first name.

He said there have also been protests at Bani because the resort’s name is not popular.

“People are afraid of the military, and the name Bani is also very offensive to them,” he said.

There are also calls for the government to allow Bani to remain the name it has always been, Sowens family said.

“We want Bani back.

We want our Bani name to be the name we have always known.”

But other residents, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, said the resort has lost its appeal.

It is time for Bani and Bali to be one again, said Tan Sri Abdul Rahman, a resident of the resort.

“If the government does not change Bani’s name, the resort will continue to be called Bani.”

On the same day that the resort was renamed, the Jakarta Police Department arrested a group of protesters who tried to burn the Bani flag.

Police spokesman Ahmad Daud said the protesters were not armed.

The protest had been planned for more than a week, he said, but the police did not make an arrest.

In response, Babi’s owner said he would take legal action against the police.

“The Bani family has been under a lot of pressure for the last two years,” said Abdul Rahman.

“But now, the pressure is being lifted.”