Why Brie Larson is the latest Hollywood star to be a target of hate-crime claims

In a rare instance of Hollywood hate-crimes reporting reaching the mainstream, The New York Times published an article about actress Brie Landon’s alleged hate-motivated attack on an African-American male at a resort in California.

Landon is an Oscar winner for her role as the lead in the film Black Swan, which won the Golden Globe for best picture last year.

The Times article, which came after Landon and several other women publicly accused Hollywood of silencing their stories about sexual assault and harassment, comes amid an increasing wave of alleged harassment and assault by male actors and other white men.

Lison has denied the allegations.

She’s been a frequent target of the hashtag #MeToo, which refers to an ongoing movement by women to publicly share stories of sexual misconduct by powerful men.

“In a way, Brie is the face of this movement,” Landon said in an interview.

“There are so many voices that are being ignored.

There are so few that are getting heard.

We need people that can actually tell us who we can and cannot trust.”

Landon, who stars in the indie film The Mummy, was visiting Los Angeles in October when she says she and her fellow guests were seated at a table at a luxury resort when a man approached them and started to chat with them.

Lacy, the actress who plays the lead of Black Swan in the upcoming remake of Disney’s animated movie Sleeping Beauty, says she told the man to get off the table, then she got up and left the restaurant.

The man later followed her to a room and raped her, according to a police report.

She says she left the room when she couldn’t stand the noise and felt “like crying.”

Lacey says she was “ashamed” and “totally traumatized.”

In an Instagram post on Monday, she called for “more men to speak up” about sexual misconduct and said that she would be writing an upcoming book about her experience.

She also said that “many of us have felt shame and anger over sexual assault, harassment, and assault.

We’ve come to realize that our actions are often the result of the voices we don’t listen to.”

The actress told reporters after her interview that she has received “a ton of love and support from all of my friends and family,” and said she’s “just so grateful to be alive.”

“There’s a lot of survivors out there, but there’s also a lot who are just trying to hold onto hope,” Lacey said.

Lacey has received support from actors including Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler, and Amy Schumer, and from actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who has spoken out against sexual assault in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Landon for comment.

The actor also tweeted that he was “shocked and saddened” by the allegations and urged others to share their stories with authorities.

Lonsons Instagram account also contains a photo of a man in a suit with a gun, and the caption, “It’s time to get up and be a man!”

Landon has become a spokesperson for the #MeItForward campaign, a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the systemic discrimination women face in Hollywood and other industries.

The hashtag is a hashtag that has been used to share stories about gender equality in Hollywood, but has also inspired the hashtag “#MeToo,” which has been popularized by a number of women who have accused Hollywood and others of ignoring or silencing them.

On Monday, actor Mark Ruffalo said he had “felt like crying” since the incident.

Ruffalo also posted a photo to Instagram, saying, “So sad to hear the truth about this woman who was assaulted at a Beverly Hills resort.

This is not an isolated incident.”