Which resorts will be closed next year?

The U.S. Department of Transportation will close two popular resorts in Georgia and Texas on Jan. 31, according to a draft of the final rule released Wednesday.

The Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Transportation issued the rule Thursday after a series of delays and a lawsuit that has threatened to delay the rule’s implementation.

The agency’s decision will affect the Bali Resort in Lakeland and Eagle Crest Resort in Eagle, both in Georgia.

The two resorts are popular destinations in the region.

The two resort areas are home to some of the country’s largest waterfalls and the largest swimming pools in the state.

The Bali resort in Lakeville, Florida, has seen more than $20 million in upgrades since the federal agency issued its rule.

In 2017, the resort welcomed more than 100,000 guests.

The Eagle Crest resort in Eagle falls to just under 10,000 people and has had fewer than 5,000 visitors in the past year.

The Bali was the largest resort in Georgia until a lawsuit forced the agency to shut it down in January of this year.

The agency’s rule will affect all of Georgia’s 50 counties, including Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and DeKalvinsburg, and the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The rule will also affect the U.K.’s Euston, London, Manchester, and Portsmouth resorts.

The rules, released in advance of a scheduled Jan. 2 announcement by President Donald Trump, apply to U.T.O.s in all 50 states.

The rules, which cover all resorts operated by the Department of the Interior, also apply to the U,S.

Coast Guard and the U.,S.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The agencies have not yet released the rules for public comment.