How to make your dream vacation a reality at Atlantis resort

Atlantis Resort in Florida has a brand new spa, new resort rooms, and even an upgraded theme park.

The resort is located in Orlando, Florida.

In the video above, the resort’s owner explains how the resort is transforming into a fully refurbished destination, even going as far as to renovate a restaurant to cater to its newest customers.

“The first resort to fully upgrade our resort was at Aliso Viejo, California, so we’ve got a lot of the same amenities that are in Aliso and we’ve done that for the resort as well,” says Stephen Schoenberg, CEO of Atlantis Resorts.

The resort is also building a new fitness center and an expanded hotel, all of which will be open to the public starting April 15.

Atlantis Resort, which opened in 2018, has hosted several major events, including the Olympic Games, a Grammy Award-winning rock band, and the Grammy Awards, which it held at the resort since 2005.

Despite all of the renovations, there are still some areas where guests are still getting in and out of the resort, like the indoor swimming pool and pool area, which is still closed to the general public.

While it’s been busy renovating the resort and bringing the theme park to life, Schoenheim is keeping his eyes on his other business ventures as well.

He has opened his own boutique spa and restaurant, the Oasis in the Desert, which has been available to the residents of the property since February.

Atlas Resorts has also expanded the resort into a shopping destination, offering visitors the chance to shop in the resort while in Orlando.

If you’re in Orlando right now, you can also check out the latest video from Atlantis in the video below.

Source: MTV News