What is the best Disney vacation spot in Canada?

By J.T. BrownThe latest issue of The Globe and Mail has a long list of the best places to visit in Canada.

Some of them are the most expensive to visit, but some of them also offer great value, including:•Liberty Mountain Resort, in the Canadian Rockies, is worth a visit even if you’re not a Disney fan.

The resort offers spectacular views and some of the most spectacular skiing and snowboarding you can find in Canada, and is also the most popular resort in the area with guests who have stayed at Disney theme parks for more than three months.•Cabo resorts in Newfoundland and Labrador are some of Canada’s most popular and best value resorts.

The Cabs offer some of its best value resort accommodations, including two cabins at the Revel in Toronto and one in St. John’s.•Nickelodeons in British Columbia is another great choice for a vacation.

The park features a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view and an indoor indoor ski and snowboard course, as well as an outdoor water park.•The most affordable option in the world is Tambov, a resort in Russia, that offers great value for the price.

It offers three resorts in a five-minute drive from Moscow, and there are two cabanas, an indoor ski course and indoor snowboarding.•You can even get a taste of luxury in the French Riviera region of Quebec, a vacation spot worth visiting even if the Canadian resort doesn’t offer that much value.

Located on the Atlantic coast, the city of Montreal boasts a number of beautiful resorts, including the Palais Royal.•Other places to get away for a day or two include the Bayside Resort and the Golden Nugget Resort in the northern Alberta community of Calgary, both of which offer a few days of spectacular skiing, plus other options in the community of Laval, which is just south of the city.

And for a full list of resorts, check out this article on the Globe and the Mail.