Which cities have the best parks in America?

The park-and-ride scene in America is pretty much set, and a few cities have more parks than others.

According to park-survey data from Parks.com, the top five cities for parks per capita are Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

The list of the 10 worst cities for park-related activities are San Diego, Los Angeles and San Antonio, according to Parks.

There are plenty of parks out there in each of these cities, and for some people, that’s fine.

But if you’re looking for a place to escape the city for a few hours, or want to enjoy a day at the beach, there’s a reason to check out parks.

In terms of park popularity, there are some surprising results for places like the top cities for summer festivals and parks. 

The 10 Best Summer Festivals and Parks in America According to Parks, the cities with the highest number of summer festivals per capita: 1.

San Diego: 7.2 per 100,000 2. New York: 6.6 per 50,000 3.

Seattle: 5.6 4.

Los Angeles: 4.6 5.

San Antonio: 3.8 6.

Miami: 2 7.

San Francisco: 1.8 8.

Denver: 0.9 9.

Austin:  0.8 10.

Orlando:  -0.6