‘It’s the first time I’ve ever felt so good’: ‘It felt like I had my life back’

It’s the start of spring, and as I drive home I feel a little lighter.

As I sit on the front steps of my house, I am surrounded by bright orange, palm tree-covered palm trees that have been growing at an alarming rate for several years.

This is the first day of spring and I’m on the hunt for my favourite trees.

I’m not sure I can find them in my garden, so I walk into my garden and look for the nearest one.

It’s a few metres away and I’ve got my camera ready to take a picture.

I look at the picture, and suddenly the tree starts moving.

It stops and turns around, then comes around again.

I turn around and I have this amazing moment, this moment of awe.

My heart is beating faster and I know I’m finally feeling the love that comes from being alive.

As the moment ends, I feel so grateful.

I feel like I have a lot of work to do.

 I have a passion for trees, and I spend a lot time watching them grow.

I think about the time I was in the park, and it was beautiful, but when I look down I’m just overwhelmed with all the beauty in this moment.

It feels so surreal, so magical.

I can’t wait to get home, I can barely believe that I’m still alive.

I love my job, but I’m exhausted at the moment.

I have an intense day ahead of me.

I don’t have a date yet, but it is possible.

I am going to be there, and when I’m there I will show you how I feel, how I’ve been living my life since the day I was born.