Maui’s Pink Shell Resort: What you need to know

Maui has been described as the “golden age” of tourism.

But the resort’s popularity has declined in recent years as the island’s economy has slumped.

Now the resort is to open a brand new resort in the city of Kapolei.

The island has been in the spotlight recently due to the closure of many of its popular resorts and hotels in recent times, which have been blamed for making the islands’ economy more volatile and expensive.

It’s unclear how much the new Maui Resort will cost.

It is expected to cost between $400 million and $500 million.

The resort will be located in Kapoleipo, the main tourist destination on Maui.

Kapoleiwi Resort is currently closed, but its owner is hopeful the new resort will open in time for the 2020 Winter Olympics.

It’s unclear if the resort will also include hotels.

The island is expected get its first hotel with a total capacity of 10,000 rooms.

The new resort, which is expected be open in 2020, is likely to be located at the Kapoleis’ new Makalani Island, which lies just off the main island.

It was also the location of a popular shopping mall, but that has since closed.