Westgate resorts: $200 million upgrade could boost earnings and revenue for 2019

WESTGATE RESORTS, FLORIDA (BUSINESS WIRE) — WESTGATES PORTLAND, FL–(BUSINESSWIRE)– Westgate Resort and Spa has received $200 Million in Capital Improvement Projects from the state of Florida.

The state of New York awarded the resort $80 Million to address a number of issues.

Florida received $90 Million to upgrade the facility.

New York received $75 Million for upgrades and repairs.

There are other projects in the works to improve Westgate, including $60 Million to expand and add a barber shop.

The Florida Department of Health and Environmental Control has approved $30 Million in grants to address safety issues in the resort.

Westgate will begin to use a new energy-saving technology to save energy.

In 2019, Westgate expects to generate $1.7 Million in operating income.