How to find a beach near you

Travel experts say the biggest beach in Hawaii can be found off the island of Oahu, where the ocean edge resort of Royal Lahaina is located.

And while the beach is only accessible by boat from the mainland, it is an ideal spot for a vacationer to spend a few days exploring the seascape and visiting the islands.

Here are the key steps to get started.

Hairpin Beach The Hairpin is a popular surfing spot in Hawaii.

But if you are a tourist from outside the state, you can also take advantage of the island’s famous beaches.

The beaches are accessible from both the mainland and from Honolulu.

From Oahu the nearest water is about 1,400 feet (500 meters).

Head out to the beach and take a look around.

There are a number of sandbars on the island that will let you swim across the water to the mainland.

Beach Climb Hairy, rocky and windy, the beach at Hawaii’s Kailua beach is a favorite for beachgoers.

You can reach the beach by hiking a dirt path to the west side of the beach.

From there, the walk will take you over the cliffs, where you will reach a sandy, rocky section with some very steep cliffs.

You’ll be able to see the top of a few of the rock formations in front of you.

Head back up the path and you’ll be back on the beach with a view.

From here, you’ll have a good view of the ocean from the top.

Shoreline Beach On the island, Shoreline Beach is a small but popular beach for locals.

Head down to the sandy beach on the westside of the town and explore the shoreline, the water, and the surf.

You should also check out the surf in the sandbars that are located on the sand.

Head up the cliffs on the north side of Kailuapai and take the short walk down to see how the beach looks from a low viewpoint.

Ocean Edge Resort Beach Located in the Waianae area of Hawaii, Ocean Edge Resort is the most popular resort for visitors.

From the shore of Kealakekoe on the south side of Olahe Bay, you will see a nice sandy beach and a large sandbar that will take your breath away.

Head to the sandbar and take your first dip.

You will feel the waves wash over your body and your toes will become numb.

The sandbars in the beach are lined with water, so the only way to stay on the sandy side is to use a surfboard.

Lahaina Beach At the end of the sandy walk from Kailuea to the shore, there is a large, rocky beach on which you can dip into the ocean.

If you are going to spend some time exploring the ocean, head to the south beach to look for the beach, where there is also a beach chairlift that can help you swim back to the island.

Sandbar Beach Head to the north end of Kaleolei Beach and take some time to look around the beach as it stretches out into the sea.

You may find yourself thinking about surfing, but you won’t have to.

There is an area called the Sandbar Beach, where surfers can get a good break from the ocean and the waves.

Head out into this area and you can get some great views of the islands surroundings.