Why a southernmost beach is named after a shark

By Business Insider staff  The Southwestern United States is known as the country of the ocean and the world of the sea, but there’s one other thing to consider when it comes to choosing a name for your favorite beach: the ocean itself. 

Southwest Florida is home to some of the world’s most iconic beaches and canals.

But it’s not just the natural beauty that makes it such a popular destination, but also the locals who love to enjoy it. 

Sydney, Australia, has the oldest name for the world famous beach and was named after its founding mother. 

“This is the country that was born in the ocean,” says John O’Connell, the president of the Ocean and Sea Conservation Society. 

It is the most popular name for Southwestern Florida beaches, O’Brien says, and it was chosen because it’s the oldest of the seven. 

The oldest name in the world is the French name “Marne.”

“Marne means ‘great ocean,’ and we’ve chosen that because we’re really big on ocean and sea,” O’Connor says.

“That’s why we decided to give it a name that would really reflect the richness and history of the region.”