When sandpearl resorts close, new sand beach opens

Sandpearl Resort and Spa in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has announced it will close on Monday as a result of the “widespread and serious” impact of the devastating tropical storm, the BVI Coast Guard said in a statement.

The resort, which opened in 2008, has been closed for about two months, after it suffered a series of major storms, including the most intense in recorded history, when the Category 4 storm made landfall.

BVI Governor Andrew Mackay said sandpeal resort is closing as a precaution because of the damage to its infrastructure.

Sandpearl is located in the Bonaire archipelago and was originally set up as a coastal resort.

It has since grown to become one of the most popular and popular destinations in the Caribbean and is a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

Sandpeal Resort is located just outside the resort area of Barra de la Cuchara, BVI, on the island of Barranquilla.

“BVI Coastal Emergency Management has determined that the Sandpeal Sands resort has been declared a coastal emergency,” the Coast Guard statement said.

There is no indication that anyone will be affected by the closure of Sandpearc resort, the statement said, adding that Sandpearf resort was already fully operational.

Some of the resort’s most popular attractions include the Sandcastle, a large sandcastle constructed of wood and mud, with a top speed of about 20mph, and the Sandman, a sand castle that is designed to be towed by boats and has a top rate of up to 25mph.

Signed by BVI Governor John Mackay, the closure was announced on Monday morning.

A number of beaches in the resort are closed, including Sandsea, which is home to sand crabs and other animals.

Culture Minister David Johnston said Sandpearas resort is “one of the premier tourist destinations in BVI”, and that it is a “big hit” with people from around Europe and North America.

More than 10,000 people from across the world have already visited the resort in recent days.

Sandcastle sandcastle in Barranque, BV, on January 14, 2019.