Why the Hilton Head resorts in Maldives and Morocco are getting their own resorts

The new Hilton Head resort in Maldivian waters is being constructed as part of a joint venture between Hilton and Barbados Resort.

The resort will be situated on the coast of the Maldives.

A statement released by Hilton Head said that the partnership was an opportunity to expand the brand’s footprint in a number of key countries in the region.

“The resort will provide the perfect base for the development of a fully-fledged brand portfolio,” said Hilton Head Resort General Manager, Ian Crouch.

“The development of our brand in the Maldivians has been a key priority for Hilton Head, and we are excited to share the opportunities we are creating with the community.”

“The hotel and resort will create a more inclusive environment for guests to come and relax and to experience Maldives’ unique culture and hospitality.”

This partnership with Barbadas will also allow us to continue to grow the resort’s brand footprint in the United Arab Emirates, while also creating opportunities for us to further expand our global footprint,” said Crouch in a statement.

The new Hilton head resort is scheduled to open in 2020.