Hawaii’s Maui Resort Is Getting a Real-Time Viewer in the Back of the Headphone

Maui’s Mauicom Resort is getting a real-time viewer in the back of your headphone with a special app called “Hands Free VR.”

The app will allow you to view 360-degree video of Maui and other parts of the resort while you sleep.

The video will be live streamed to your mobile device.

You can also get notifications when your phone is near a location of interest.

Maui’s Resort is also getting a special VR headset to give guests a better view of the world and to give visitors a more immersive experience, including a 360-tilt 360 degree view that allows you to turn around and explore the island with the VR headset on.

Mauritius is also looking to get real-world VR experiences in the palm of your hand.

The island’s tourism office is already using virtual reality headsets to show visitors about their islands.

The tourism office also recently opened a virtual reality experience called Maui Adventure, which will allow visitors to experience the island in the virtual environment, but they’ll need to bring their own headsets.

In the meantime, you can check out Maui.com for more details.

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