How to get to the top of your Pink Shell resort

It’s one of the biggest draws for the Pink Shell Resort in San Francisco, a luxury beachfront retreat that caters to the very wealthy and features a $200 million swimming pool, a sauna, and a gym.

The resort has been open for just under a decade, but now is the last day to register for the $200,000-a-night (USD$220,000) five-night stay, the first to open since the resort opened in 2007.

But with a $2,500 tax charge per day, the resort has faced a shortage of rooms and is facing an exodus of visitors.

In addition to the lack of rooms, there are some problems.

The pool and sauna have been closed for two years, and the spa has been shuttered.

The facility has no Wi-Fi, and many guests prefer to use the resort’s cell phone hotspots, said Michael DeHaan, the hotel’s executive vice president.

DeHaans said there were also some complaints about noise.

“We have had a lot of complaints about people coming in the sauna or going to the pool and hearing people talking and going to work and going on the internet, which is not ideal,” he said.

While the resort was designed to attract affluent guests, DeHaes said it is not uncommon for families with young children to use it.

Guests who arrive at the resort before midnight are charged $60 per night, or $1,250 per day.

The hotel is also accepting reservations for the resort.

Dehaans said that the resort is open to all ages and that most guests prefer a quiet, secluded setting, not one of many noise-generating structures.

The Hilton San Francisco and the Hilton San Mateo are both considering opening their own resort, said Nicole Jau, a spokeswoman for the hotel.

“As of this week, we are in the process of working on our own hotel and we will have more information soon,” Jau said.

She said the resort could also open as a guest resort in other cities.

The Orange County-based Hilton has opened its own hotel in Washington, D.C., and Hilton has been looking at opening more resorts in California, New York and other states.

The company has not announced plans to open a new resort in San Mateos case.

Hotel workers said they expect the resort to open next week.