How to get an ace resort card for Rs 1,000

Get a hotel card for around Rs 1.5 lakh and you will be able to stay in Bali resorts for an entire year.

Here are the details.

The Resort Card Scheme is being rolled out across the country and the first resort card has been given to the first 500 people to sign up.

Here’s how to get one:The first resort cards are going to be issued on March 21.

If you are already a resident of a resort where you can spend Rs 1 lakh a year, the cards will cost you just Rs 1 and the rest will be paid to the Government of India.

Here is how it works: You will need to provide a valid passport and the card must be valid for five years.

You will be issued a card upon approval.

You must provide your full name, address and mobile number.

You can use this information to prove that you have a valid residence permit issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

If your name is misspelled, it will not be registered as an error.

The card will also contain your address, address of a valid bank account and a proof of address.

It is not required that you also have a passport.

You will be given a free two-day visit in the resort for a two-month period.

Once you return, you will have to pay the remaining balance in full.

The card will be valid from March 21, 2019, till the end of May, 2019.

The cards can be exchanged for a hotel, spa or a bungalow.