The ‘biggest mystery in ski resort history’

By Tom Schaffenberger, Time | Sep 25, 2018 5:45:21A few weeks ago, a small group of employees from the Alpine Ski Resort near the ski resort in Vail, Colorado, began sharing some of their favorite memories from their years at the resort.

As the ski season nears its conclusion, the employees have shared some of the most memorable moments from the years they spent there.

As they shared their stories, some of them were caught off guard by the attention the topic had received.

They weren’t expecting such a reaction, and so they were hesitant to share the details of their experiences with the media.

However, their answers made for an interesting read.

The first of the employees shared his memory of being on the snow when the snow fell.

The snow was a huge and heavy fall.

It was just like a roller coaster.

I remember thinking, Wow, that’s really heavy.

We couldn’t get to the car so we just kept walking.

It’s still hard to explain how heavy it was, but I’m sure it was heavy.

I can’t describe it to you, but it was like a huge, heavy snowfall.

You could feel it coming down the hill.

I was standing at the top of the hill when the avalanche started.

We were all up in the car and I was watching the snow.

There were several cars, a few people were up in a snowmobile, and I think the driver was driving the car.

I think he saw me.

I thought it was just a snowboard.

I saw the avalanche and I knew something was happening.

When the avalanche hit, it hit me hard.

I’m standing there, looking down the road and I see it coming at me, and it’s not a big avalanche, but there’s a lot of force coming down at me.

The car came flying down and I don’t remember how hard it hit the car, but when the car came to rest, I saw a hole in the front of it and I saw that my leg was in a hole.

I don,t remember what happened to the ski, but what happened next was I felt a huge impact.

I went straight to the medical clinic.

They told me to go to the hospital and get an X-ray.

I called my wife to tell her.

I told her I had broken my leg.

I didn’t know what the injury was.

They took me to the ER and told me I had a fractured foot and my foot is going to need surgery.

When they took me there, they told me that it’s going to take at least a month to repair it.

They said I had four to six months to get the repair done.

The doctor said, You don’t have a fracture, you don’t need surgery, and you can keep skiing, so you don,’t need to go back to the clinic.

But the doctor said you have to go home.

That was very scary for me.

They gave me two weeks to get home.

They were very supportive.

The surgery was done and they gave me a couple of screws in the foot.

I had to take some painkillers and some pain medication for it.

That’s all I had in the hospital.

When I got home, I went back to work.

I couldn’t wait to get back to skiing.

I wasn’t too happy with the situation, so I went to work again and it was really nice.

I’ve had a lot more fun skiing since I’ve been back at the ski area.

I like to go out, and when I do, I don,, ride around and see my friends.

I ski in different areas of the resort, and the same goes for snowboarding, which is my favorite activity.

I just love it.

I love getting out there and going, ‘Wow, I’m feeling so good.

That snow is going up so fast.’

It’s so much fun.

I get goosebumps and all that.

I’ll be back out there in two weeks.

I have no idea where I’ll go, but my wife loves it.

She wants to go skiing again, but she’s going through some things.

It takes a toll on her physically.

She’s had a couple strokes in her hand, but they’re healing.

When I come back home, the snow is always going to be there.