Why are some resorts at the edge of ‘extreme’ in terms of weather?

The Queensland Government has issued a warning about a “potentially very significant” weather event over the next two weeks, and the outlook is not good.

“A very severe weather warning is currently in place for the Brisbane area due to the high risk of severe weather occurring at some locations, particularly in the southern and western regions,” the Department of Premier and Cabinet said in a statement.

The warning applies to both the Brisbane and Gold Coast, which are located along the Gold Coast’s coastlines.

In the Queensland Capital Territory, the warning covers the Brisbane to Gold Coast route, the Sunshine Coast to Sunshine Coast route and the Kimberley to Kimberley route.

It is not yet known whether the warning will affect the Gold and Sunshine Coast, where some of the most popular resorts have already closed.

A ‘potentially significant’ weather warning currently in force for the Queensland capital city, Brisbane, due to a high risk for severe weather during the weekend.

But a spokesperson for the Department said the department was working to improve the state’s forecasts for the coming week.

This includes updating the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast for a potential severe weather event on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which will affect areas in the Gold, Sunshine and Kimberley regions.

Weather alerts are issued to inform residents about severe weather, flooding and other threats, including wind, rain, hail and high temperatures.

They can also inform the public about the status of roads, power, flood warnings and flood warnings for particular areas.

There are currently around 3,000 severe weather warnings issued in Queensland, with most issued in the past week.

More to come.

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