Which ski resorts are the most expensive in Colorado?

A new study released by the University of Colorado Colorado shows that ski resorts in Colorado are the cheapest in the country.

The study looked at average daily room rates at six ski resorts and a lake resort in Colorado.

The average room rates ranged from $3,813 to $5,716 per night.

The average price per night was the highest in the state.

The most expensive ski resorts were located in the Rockies.

The highest prices were in Lake Louise, a ski resort near Fort Collins.

A lake resort is one of the most popular in Colorado with over 300,000 guests a year.

The most expensive lake resort was the Big Sky Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The resort charges $4,664 per night per room.

The price per room is significantly higher than the average price of $2,746.

The study was released on the heels of a report from the Washington Post that showed that most U.S. ski resorts have lost millions of dollars.